Original Bobbin Lace Patterns

by Irene Tomlinson



Bucks Point Bookmarks

All the patterns are my own design.

These bookmarks have proved very popular - they are relatively quick to work and make a very acceptable gift.

They are worked as a straight piece of lace.  They are started at a point and finished with a tassel.

Each pricking is accompanied by a picture of the completed lace, a working diagram and details of the number of bobbins required and the thread used to work the sample.

I designed the first two bookmarks as teaching aids.  They are suitable for beginners to Bucks Point lace to work as their first pieces - they introduce the basics of Bucks Point lace in a simple way.

These lists of the designs give details of size, cost of pattern and a small picture of the lace.   To see a larger picture of each piece, click on the small picture.


Code Size Cost Small Picture
Bookmark No. 1 BP/BM 1 4" x 1" 1.00
Bookmark No. 2 BP/BM2 4" x 1" 1.00

I have designed a number of sets of bookmarks.   The bookmarks are available singly - you do not have to buy them as a set.

Each bookmark in the set has features which are common to all but sometimes the effect can be quite different.  Those of you who are interested in designing might like to try to spot the common features and the differences.  It is a good design exercise.  Sorry - the teacher in me is coming out.

The next four bookmarks are a set called "The Seasons".


Code Size Cost Small Picture
Spring BP/BM 3 5" x 1" 1.15
Summer BP/BM 4 5" x 1" 1.15
Autumn BP/BM 5 5" x 1" 1.15
Winter BP/BM 6 5" x 1" 1.15


The next set I worked while on holiday hence the names.  I always take my lace pillow on holiday with me, it is amazing how much lace can be worked at airports and on aeroplanes!


Code Size Cost Small Picture
Souvenir BP/BM 7 5" x 1" 1.15
Keepsake BP/BM 8 5" x 1" 1.15


The bookmarks in the next set are very similar - they differ in the way the gimps are worked.


Code Size Cost Small Picture
Diamonds No. 1 BP/BM 12 5" x 1" 1.15 12 diamonds 1.gif (45967 bytes)
Diamonds No. 2 BP/BM 13 5" x 1" 1.15 13 diamonds 2.gif (47912 bytes)

The following bookmarks are not a set but are grouped together for convenience.


Code Size Cost Small Picture
Rings & Tallies BP/BM 9 6" x 1" 1.30
Flowers & Diamonds BP/BM 10 7" x 1" 1.30
Lover's Knots BP/BM 11 5" x 1" 1.15

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