Original Bobbin Lace Patterns

by Irene Tomlinson



Bucks Point Fingerplates

All the patterns are my own design

These designs will fit the plastic door fingerplates.

Each pricking is accompanied by a picture of the completed lace, a working diagram and details of the number of bobbins required and the thread used to work the sample.

The first two patterns have been designed as a set.  

You might be interested to know how I came to name the designs.
I called the first two Venice and Padua because I worked them while on an Italian holiday.   It is amazing how much lace you can work while sitting at airports or on aeroplanes!

The third fingerplate is called Pudsey because this is the lace which I designed to celebrate the 10th. Pudsey Lace Fair in 2001.

This list of the designs gives details of size, cost of pattern and a small picture of the lace.   To see a larger picture of each piece, click on the small picture.


Code Size Cost Small Picture
Venice BP/FP 1 9" x 2" 1.50 Venice.gif (86084 bytes)
Padua BP/FP 2 9" x 2" 1.50 Padua.gif (94552 bytes)
Pudsey BP/FP 3 10" x 2" 1.50

Pudsey.gif (91158 bytes)


Bucks Point Box Lid

The following pattern can be extended to make a fingerplate but has been designed to fit the lid of the wooden box which has an aperture measuring 6"  x  3".  The lace, worked as shown, measures approximately 5"  x  2"



Code Size Cost Small Picture
Bucks Point Box No.1  


5"  X  2"


wpe11730.gif (47696 bytes)

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