Original Bobbin Lace Patterns

by Irene Tomlinson



Square Torchon Mats

All the patterns are my own design.

Mats are useful items either free standing or under glass.

Each pricking is accompanied by a picture of the completed lace and details of the number of bobbins required and the thread used to work the sample.

Mat No. 1 does not have a working diagram.

This list of the designs gives details of size, cost of pattern and a small picture of the lace.   To see a larger picture of each piece, click on the small picture.

Name Code Size Cost Small Picture
Torchon Mat No. 1 T/MAT 1 8" 1.55 T mat1.gif (159524 bytes)
Torchon Mat No. 2 T/MAT 2 8" 1.85 T mats2.gif (263843 bytes)
Torchon Mat No. 3 T/MAT 3 5" 1.75  
Torchon Mat No. 4 T/MAT 4 5" 1.75 T mats3.gif (159698 bytes)

Torchon Mat No. 2 matches

Torchon Mat No. 4 matches

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